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Performance: Field-tested under tough pivot conditions

Currently available in two sizes:

RhinoGator® has reimagined the no-flat pivot tire: Precision engineering. Tough, high-density composite resins. Consistent manufacturing and unmatched accuracy. Smart tread design. The best UV protection package in the business.  RhinoGator was designed and engineered from the ground up for use on pivot irrigation systems.

RhinoGator has been put to the test over thousands of hours on pivots under every type of condition and terrain—and it has performed like a champ in every situation. RhinoGator fits standard pivot irrigation wheels, eliminating the need to purchase a new wheel with every tire.

RhinoGator is easy to install and simply outperforms ordinary rubber pivot tires over the long haul. You can install RhinoGator on your pivots as your ordinary tires fail— or you can change out the entire pivot at once. RhinoGator works trouble-free on systems that include ordinary rubber tires on other towers.

Next time one of your ordinary rubber pivot tires goes flat (and you know one will!), replace it with a RhinoGator—the high-performance, high-quality generation of no flat pivot tire.

  • The New Species of Pivot Tire