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Engineered and manufactured for precision and trouble-free performance under your pivot.

85The reliable performance of RhinoGator® tires in your field begins with our proprietary engineering and manufacturing process.

RhinoGator® is rotomolded under controlled conditions right here in the USA, using specially formulated resins—including a percentage of corn-based plastic. RhinoGator® is designed, engineered and manufactured to exacting specifications to ensure long-life and trouble-free assembly in the field.

  • Controlling temperature protocols during manufacture ensures consistent sizing, thickness and dimensions on every tire
  • Big tread design evenly distributes the load and reduces stress
  • Hand finishing of each tire melds the material for an impermeable seal that keeps out water
  • Bolt holes are molded in for consistency of size and placement on every tire
  • Best-available UV package is incorporated in the formulation to increase longevity and reduce deterioration under harsh conditions
  • RhinoGator tires are periodically mounted on wheels every day in the manufacturing plant to ensure consistency, right-sizing and proper fit

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